By Anita Jelodari, Blog writer The nature of crime in the human sciences is understood through its conceptual definition, but in criminal law, the process of knowing the nature of a crime comes with the definition of that crime in the criminal code. As mentioned in the previous article, in general, every crime involves three… Read More

By Anita Jelodari, Blog writer Genocide is an old crime, but a new concept. The explanation of genocide for those who are unaffected by it may seem hard to feel and understand. The word Genocide is made up of 2 different parts; “Genos” which means Generation, plus “Cide” which means to kill. This word was… Read More

By Sharon Zea Rincon, Blog writer As of August 5th, the Jammu and Kashmir, a region administered by India that has seen relentless conflict for the past 70 years, was stripped of its autonomy by India. Fighting began when India and Pakistan became independent in 1947 and both wanted control over Jammu and Kashmir. The… Read More

By Sharon Zea Rincon, Blog writer The conflict between the military and the ethnic Rakhine armed rebel group, the Arakan Army, has reached new levels of violence. The Arakan Army abducted ethnic Rohingya men and took them to remote locations in the forest. Local villagers were unable to protect themselves or interfere because the Arakan… Read More

By Lydia Zhou, Blog writer On Sunday June 17, former President Omar al-Bashir made his first public appearance since his overthrow in April. After 16 weeks of street protests against Bashir’s 30 year rule, his government was ousted through a military coup. Bashir has since appeared in court to face charges for corruption, ranging from… Read More