Here’s a heartfelt note from Todd Smith, Green Party candidate for Miramichi:

I would like to thank you for your efforts!

I am ashamed by the yearly abandonment of peacekeeping. The conflict of Darfur is not ‘another’ conflict in
Africa, the history of weapon build up from Cold War politics along with global warming has played an important role in the development of the violence.

We must recognize that our nations actions as a Western cold war ally have contributed to the flooding of weapons in the Darfur region, along with major contribution to Global Warming. It is difficult to label the conflict as Genocide as the Janjaweed’s desires are to seize lands not destroy another ethnic group. First and foremost it is depressing that the purely academic debate of labels has such political power.

These crimes against humanity are frightening and the UN and Canada must commit to aiding the Africa Union. I believe that the diplomacy is where we must move towards, me must be willing to place Canadian peace keepers feet on the ground in order to provide opportunity for realistic negotiations.

I believe Canada’s foreign policy should turn back to Mackenzie King’s vision of a middle power, one which promotes peace negotiations. In the meantime with true UN-AU commitment we can stop the current violation of women and children until a resolution can be negotiated.

Todd Smith
Rape of a Nation’s women, is the rape of a nation, an ever lasting crime, a crime against humanity.

Miramichi – Green Party

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