Dear STAND Canada supporters,

Thank you again to everyone who has supported STAND’s efforts in bringing to light the injustices of Canada’s refugee transportation loan program. In May, NDP MP Jenny Kwan tabled our petition in the House of Commons; the federal government has recently issued a response.

The response, approved by federal immigration minister Amed Hussen, was disappointing as it ultimately defended the offloading of the costs of plane tickets onto refugees. While he highlighted the federal government’s support for settlement services, which is relevant to the issue,  he misses our point since 76% of government assisted refugees use their social assistance to repay their loans, and approximately half of refugees do not use the settlement services available to them as they’re too busy working to repay their loans.

In response, I wrote an op-ed which was published on iPolitics, where I address Hussen’s defence of the travel loan program. Please read and share it!

We are currently in the middle of moving into the next phase of our refugee transportation loan campaign, and we are looking for passionate and engaged volunteers to help us spread word about Canada’s dubious transportation loan program! If you are looking to get involved with STAND Canada, now is the perfect time!

Scott Fenwick
Executive Director, STAND Canada

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