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Did you know that Canada is the only country charging interest on refugee loans? The Canadian Government’s Immigration Loan Program (ILP) / Refugee Transportation Loan Program (RTL) is out of date and reduces the integrity of Canada’s commitment to assisting refugees.

As a national, youth-led advocacy organization working to make ending and preventing genocide a cornerstone of Canadian domestic and foreign policy, STAND Canada has launched a national, youth-led campaign to #ReformILP and #LiftTheBurden on refugees entering Canada.

The first phase of the campaign began on August 25, 2016 and will run until the end of October. Check out our campaign handbook for more information and helpful links.

What is the Immigration / Refugee Transportation Loan Program? Fact Sheet

Background and policy analysis

What are STAND’s policy recommendations for ILP Reform?

Campaign Goals

  • Engage a broad community in critical dialogue about Canada’s relation to the global refugee crisis and its links to genocide and mass atrocities, furthering our understanding of genocide generally.
  • Advocate to the Canadian government for ILP reform, based on STAND’s policy recommendation.
  • Increase awareness about the ILP program and its flaws among the Canadian public and youth in particular.
  • Collaborate with other organizations to build partnerships in order to further these goals.

How to Get Involved

If you have questions about the campaign, please email us at or contact us on social media. Let’s work together to #ReformILP!

Other non-profit and advocacy organizations should contact Priya Ramesh directly at