By Esther Lee Sudan still experiences rampant intercommunal and interethnic warfare despite the referendum in 2011 that seemingly united the country in claiming South Sudan’s independence from its Northern counterpart. Though internal conflict predates the division of the two Sudans, 2011 saw an alarming rise in armed groups and tribal clashes. This rise started in… Read More

By Bianca Larissa Taberna Bianca’s blog post from last week discussed international foreign aid to South Sudan. Today, Bianca discusses Canadian aid to the region and where it now plays in the Canadian government’s priorities. Canada has a history of established diplomatic ties to South Sudan. It has been quite involved in South Sudan’s path… Read More

By Bianca Larissa Taberna This is part one of a two-part blog series on international foreign aid and the conflict in South Sudan. Part two, which will focus on Canadian assistance to the region, will publish Wednesday, February 19. The recent developments in South Sudan exemplify the fragility that often comes with the state-building process.… Read More

My fellow advocates, Over the past week, South Sudan has edged closer to civil war following an alleged coup attempt. The resulting violence along ethnic lines has left many civilians injured or killed. As an anti-genocide organization, STAND Canada deplores the violence against unarmed civilians – especially if it is along ethnic lines. The murder… Read More