by Bianca Taberna It is a common notion that an entity is greater as a whole than a sum of its parts. This holds especially true for a government and its linkage of institutions. These institutions are put in place to ensure that government operations are organized on various state levels and that implemented policies… Read More

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir has backed down from his threat to shutdown South Sudanese oil flow through Sudanese pipelines. In doing so he pledges to honour the agreements signed in March. South Sudan shutdown oil production 16 months ago in response to a disagreement between the two countries over the transit fees landlocked South Sudan… Read More

A summary of the news from the Sudans and the DRC the past two weeks. Click on the title for the full article. Sudan & South Sudan Sudan Permits U.N. Food Aid to Enter Blue Nile and South Kordofan On April 4, the World Food Programme announced that for the first time since war broke… Read More

The STAND Digest makes it easy to stay up-to-date on everything that happens around Canadian foreign policy, the Sudans and the DRC.  Every month, our team of researchers and analysts put together a document containing everything you need to know, in addition to including Stand’s top policy recommendations for the Canadian government. This month, we… Read More

Today is our coordinated nation-wide advocacy campaign. Fellow STAND advocates are currently meeting face-to-face with our Members of Parliament in Ottawa to discuss in detail the need for Canadians to support the Sudans. Today is our opportunity as a nation to let them know that the need for continuing to fund projects in the Sudans is an… Read More