STAND Conferences

Integral to the success of STAND are our Conferences, where we convene our leadership, chapters, and volunteers to plan, learn, and strengthen our team. As an organization which operates remotely with volunteers who live across Canada (and some overseas), we value the opportunity to connect with each other, Members of Parliament, and external, like-minded individuals and organizations. In the past 10 years, our Conferences have been held in Toronto, Ottawa, and on campuses where we have a chapter. These Conferences are held at least once per year. The themes are shaped by current events and our resources. Our next Conferences are scheduled for November 2016 in Vancouver, BC and in May 2017 in Ottawa, ON.

Highlights from our Past Conferences

January 2016: Learn, Listen, Act: Promoting Reflexivity to Genocide of Indigenous Peoples

As a Canadian anti­-genocide advocacy organization, the recently released Truth and Reconciliation Commission report on the cultural genocide of First Nations peoples has raised many questions within our organization regarding our position in relation to genocide.

This conference convened STAND Canada’s national leadership on the UBC campus, hosted by our UBC Chapter, for a robust dialogue on STAND’s future in relation to genocide on this land that engaged multiple stakeholders. We listened through consultations, meetings, and events in an effort to understand our responsibility as a Canadian anti­-genocide advocacy organization. As a result of the topic of focus, we built long-­term relationships with external allies and Indigenous groups.

Please visit our Conference page to learn more. Recaps and responses to our meetings with consultants are found in the Conferences category.