Election Campaign 2015

Use the hashtags #STANDupCanada, #STANDagainstgenocide, & #youthagainstgenocide!

As with the two previous elections, STAND Canada is using this moment as an opportunity to engage with candidates running for public office and to keep awareness of genocide in the public consciousness by shining a light on each party’s policies on the issue (and related issues). Elections present an opportunity to bring discussion of genocide into Canada’s national dialogue and show broad Canadian support for anti-genocide policies. They also presents an opportunity to facilitate a wide range of educational programs designed to foster critical and reflective dialogue on issues relating to genocide and STAND’s focus regions while people are politically engaged.

Using the momentum and relevance of Canadian actions in Iraq and Syria, the goals of our campaign are to:

  • Lead youth, political candidates, and their volunteers in a non-partisan, critical dialogue regarding Canada’s relationship to genocide and, in particular, Canada’s role in STAND’s focus regions (Iraq/Syria, South Sudan, Sudan, and Myanmar);
  • Reflect and publish feedback on each party’s positions and policies concerning genocide and STAND’s focus regions in order to foster dialogue;
  • Engage youth and political candidates in publicly supporting STAND’s anti-genocide policies and positions leading up to voting day;
  • Continually engage social media to show support for our issues.

How to Participate

STAND Canada’s 10th Anniversary Campaign

More information coming shortly.