Write a Letter

Letters to Members of Parliament

Write a letter to your Member of Parliament in which you inform them that you care about genocide and humanitarian atrocities abroad, particularly the ongoing crises in Sudan, South Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Talking points can be drawn from STAND Canada’s policy recommendations.

Find your Member of Parliament

and his or her contact information by entering your postal code here. There is no postage required when writing your MP.

Email prominent MPs directly:

Letters to the Editor

Write a letter to the editor of a local or national newspaper to offer your perspective on the current situation in Darfur, South Sudan or the Democratic Republic of the Congo. You might also wish to focus your letter on why they should be covering the story more prominently or on a particular policy response that you support, such as the Conflict Minerals Act or implementing an arms embargo on South Sudan.

Ensure that you have looked at the submissions information for the newspaper that you are targeting. For example, letters to the editor are typically expected to be fewer than 300 words.

Here are some direct links to which you can write:

Tips for writing letters:

  • Be professional, point-driven, and concise
  • Email is preferred
  • Proofread your letter for spelling, grammar, and logic
  • Use specific examples or evidence to support your position
  • Thanks is as important as criticism