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STAND Canada is a national advocacy organization with chapters across the country that advocates to make preventing and ending genocide a cornerstone of Canadian domestic and foreign policy. We are dedicated to providing Canadians with the educational and advocacy tools that they need to take action toward a world without genocide.

At STAND, we are looking to build youth up so that you can engage in political advocacy with skill and confidence. Candidates should be open to learning and participating in (informal and formal) training and development as needed, along with the rest of the organization’s volunteers, and engage in self-directed learning.

We ask for a commitment of at least a year, particularly for our senior roles. If you are unsure of your schedule for the next year, we still encourage you to apply as we are happy to discuss your time commitment to STAND.

Time Commitment: 10-15 hours per week (per person)

The Role

In STAND, leadership indicates responsibility, not privilege, and we work to build a grassroots, horizontal environment for all volunteers. The Executive Co-Directors are the leaders of the Managing Committee, which directs all of STAND’s teams: advocacy, strategic policy, communications, programs and engagement, and human resources. All director roles are shared among two individuals.

The Executive team is responsible for ensuring the overall organization and coordination of all STAND Canada teams. This includes: managing the relationships between STAND teams, helping set project and campaign priorities, fostering cohesion and momentum in the organization. At an administrative level, this includes: managing and reporting on STAND’s accounts and financials (in collaboration with the Board of Trustees), liaising with other STAND entities and like-minded organizations, recruiting, and ensuring STAND’s messaging and branding remains updated and consistent.

Key Responsibilities

Executive Co-Directors will be expected to:

  • Developing the overall direction and vision of STAND in collaboration with all teams and working with all teams to further that direction and vision, and meet project and campaign goals.
  • Acting as a “last line of defence” in the execution of critical tasks, including managing and chairing meetings and mediating internal disagreements.
  • Acknowledging and supporting teams during Directors’ absences, providing support as needed to bring on additional staff during prolonged absences.
  • Interviewing and making final staffing decisions for all new STAND Directors.
  • Collaborating with the Advocacy Directors and Advocacy Steering Committee on project and campaign priorities, ensuring the work of the broader team sticks to those priorities or adapts those priorities as necessary when circumstances change.
  • Liaising with, and supporting like-minded organizations, fostering support from them for our own campaign and project work.
  • Acting as a spokesperson for STAND Canada at events and conferences where needed and attending meetings and conferences (internal and external) as necessary to support the work of other teams (i.e., Advocacy, national coalition building, etc).
  • Take interest and actively participate more broadly in other aspects of STAND, such as attending virtual town halls, campaign events, or programming events, as required;
  • Representing the interests of STAND Canada and updating the Board of Trustees of any new issues, ideas, projects or campaigns as needed.
  • Acting as the representative of the Managing Committee on the Board of Trustees. This will include ensuring the timely completion of financial reporting and payouts of expenses owed.
  • Assisting the Board chair in fundraising initiatives to ensure consistent funding for STAND year over year.
  • Ensuring strategic messaging, branding, and scope are updated and maintained according to updates to the organization and ongoing campaigns and projects.
    • Stay informed of the policy developments of the issues under review by the Strategic Policy team; and
    • Stay informed of the discourse in Canadian politics around genocide, crimes against humanity, and human rights.
    • Communicate with and respond to STAND Directors’ emails and messages in a timely manner;
    • At least one ED must be the legal signing authority on behalf of the organization for administrative and financial contracts.


    In order to succeed in this role, you will need:

    • Responsible, reliable, and self-motivated individuals, capable of working in a virtual team environment on their own time with minimal supervision, meeting deadlines, and answering emails within 48 hours;
    • Experience and knowledge in financial and operational administration, including banking and payroll, and IT security;
    • Understanding of political advocacy in its Canadian context; familiarity with campaign strategies and the workings of the Government of Canada;
    • Human rights (specifically genocide);
    • Working with non-profits and non-governmental organizations and developing those relationships;
    • Building relationships with community organizations, including diaspora communities in Canada affected by genocide and Indigenous communities affected by genocide;
    • Proven exceptional oral and written skills, with experience in professional correspondence;
    • Bilingualism / fluency in French is valuable, but not required

    Our work environment appeals to responsible, reliable, and self-motivated team-players, capable of working in a virtual team environment on their own time, meeting deadlines, and answering emails within 48 hours. Our work is completed through our online project management software (Podio), instant messaging platform (Slack), and Google Suite with meetings conducted through video conference calls. As such, you can volunteer from anywhere with a good internet connection.

    Volunteer with STAND!

    To apply, please fill out the application form below. Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis as they are received and will close when we have filled the position.


    If you know people who are looking for volunteering opportunities in a flexible, forward-thinking environment with the skills, experience, and interests we’re looking for, please share this posting with them.