Stand Canada is a collection of students, volunteers, and other Canadians unwilling to be complicit in genocide or crimes against humanity. We make it easy to act against genocide by providing people with the tools they need to affect policy. Currently, we are focusing on protecting civilians and bringing about a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Darfur.

On this blog, we hope to keep people informed on all the subjects having to do with genocide and Canadian policy. We’ll praise the most supportive politicians and criticize hair-brained or lack-luster policies. We’ll highlight international human rights movements and keep you updated on shocking news items. There’ll be links to smart people saying interesting things and recommendations for good reading material, conferences, and other goodies.

I personally hope for lively discussions in the comments section. This will be the place to praise your local politician for speaking out against civilian deaths in Darfur or to criticize your government for not providing peacekeepers to the United Nations-African Union force in Sudan – whatever you want to say.

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